Ridingsharing can be a solution to budget-conscious travellers.Picture: Callum Hilton/Pexels.
Ridingsharing can be a solution to budget-conscious travellers.Picture: Callum Hilton/Pexels.

No money for holiday flights? Take the rideshare route

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Nov 3, 2020

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The upcoming summer holidays have travellers yearning for an escape, especially after the tragic year most has had due to Covid-19.

Sadly, most people are on a budget, so they are constantly trying to find ways to ensure that they always save a buck or two.

Joe Moyo, managing director of ridesharing company, Afri Ride, says that the once travellers' factor in the cost of a hotel, meals and entertainment, there isn’t much left for flights or car hire.

He believes riding sharing can be a solution to budget-conscious travellers.

"Not only can those going in the same direction share a ride, those wanting to travel solo can hire a car from a willing member, which will greatly reduce car hire expenses," he says.

"The grim reality is that many people lost their jobs during the pandemic, and we are still seeing a slew of retrenchments across Africa. At the same time, everyone is in desperate need of a break, and middle-class citizens are looking for innovative ways to save costs, while still enjoying their annual holiday," he adds.

Moyo explains that the benefits of ridesharing go beyond cost savings. “Holiday season is notorious for fatal car accidents, as the roads out of cities are clogged during the festive season. Ridesharing can dramatically lower the number of cars on the road when users offer up the unoccupied seats in their vehicles to other authorised users, who are able to book via the Afri Ride app. This not only minimises traffic but reduces the burden on toll gates and other road infrastructure," he says.

Moyo says that users can also offer their driving services, which means enables members of the ride sharing community to make some extra cash by acting as shuttle service operators, tour guides or as drivers on a day to day basis.

"It also allows travellers to enjoy the trip without the stress of dealing with holiday traffic on the national roads," he says.


Ensure that if you are taking the rideshare route that you alert your loved ones where you are going, the person you are travelling with and other important details.

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