Passengers on a United Airlines flight were stranded on a plane for around 16 hours in Canada on Sunday. Picture: Twitter/ Sonjay Dutterson.

Passengers on a United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Hong Kong were stranded on a plane for around 16 hours in Canada on Sunday. Around 250 passengers were affected. 
The United Airlines flight was diverted to Goose Bay Airport in Newfoundland, Canada due to a medical emergency. 
To further add to the trauma, the airline encountered a mechanical problem due to the harsh weather conditions. 
Passengers claimed they waited on the freezing runway for more than 16 hours with a dwindling supply of food on the plane. 
One of the passengers, Sonjay Dutterson, a wrestler, detailed his experience on Twitter. He was on his way to Macau, China for a wrestling show on Tuesday. 
“Might not make it Macau on time for EWE.  A medical emergency rerouted my plane.  Landing in Goose Bay, Canada, where it’s -20.  A door broke, can’t fix and awaiting rescue for the last 10 hours as I sit in this place on a runway in middle of nothing Canada. We need help @united,” he tweeted. 
He said people were not doing well and there was a low supply of food. 

Dutterson said the freezing conditions were not conducive for children and the elderly- and begged United Airlines for help. 

Despite the long delay, Dutterson thanked his seatmate, Mary, for keeping him occupied throughout the flight. 
“On a positive note, I spent some time with an amazing seatmate on my 1st flight.  Mary, 78, who is on her way to visit every country in the world.  She’s at 170 countries currently.  Mary had some amazing stories, we shared a great conversation.  What a pleasure!” he tweeted. 

Another passenger, Matt McGuire‏ @MMHK78, tweeted: 
“On #UnitedAirlines flight #ua179 Saturday 19 January from Newark to Hong Kong - had to land for medical emergency in Goose Bay Canada.  That was 930p yesterday.  Still here sitting on the plane for almost 9 hours due to a mechanical issue…” (sic). 
United Airlines is yet to comment on the incident.