easyJet's new app uses augmented reality technology to scan the cabin bag and show if it falls within the maximum cabin bag dimensions. Picture: Supplied.

easyJet has become the first UK airline to offer a feature on its app which enables customers to scan their cabin bag to check its size before they travel to the airport.

The new technology has been introduced to offer customers an easy way to check their hand luggage dimensions to give them peace of mind before they travel to the airport.

The move is set to make it even easier for customers to check their luggage and provide greater certainty as to whether they can travel with their bag in the cabin. It also means they won’t be faced with any additional charges at the gate for bringing an oversized bag which can’t be taken on board. 

The new app feature, which uses Apple’s ARKit 2 technology, is available on iOS initially and sits on easyJet’s app.

The app works by using augmented reality technology combined with customers’ smart phone cameras (iPhone 6S onwards). The scan itself provides an on-screen 3D box which when combined with the phone’s camera sizes the cabin bag and indicates whether it fits within the maximum dimensions.

How it works:

1. Follow the prompts. 

2. Use the feature to check if your bag fit the cage. 

3. Adjust accordingly. 

4. Ask yourself: "Does it meet the requirement?"