There's perhaps no other month in the year more closely associated with goodwill and generosity than the month of July. It is, after all, the birth month of our former president and struggle icon, Nelson Mandela. 

Robben Island Museum (RIM) will host one of the many initiatives designed to celebrate Madiba's birthday by  commemorating his birth through a series of programmes for children.

Nelson Mandela was always been big on supporting children: "We understand and promote the notion that while children need to be guided they also have an entrenched right to be whatever they want to be and that they can achieve this only if they are given the space to dream and live out their dreams."

In support of this, RIM will be hosting 100 children from surrounding Western Cape local communities at the Castle of Good Hope for a series of fun and creative activities until tomorrow, Saturday the 14th July 2018.

Morongoa Ramaboa, spokesperson for RIM, explianed:  “By reaching out to children from communities who may have never visited the Robben Island Museum, the are hoping to continue the work of Nelson Mandela by creating a fun, active and creative space for children to learn and love the amazing heritage we share as South Africans,”