All you need to know about the Sanlam Top Destination Water Sustainability Award. Picture: De Waal Rautenbach/Hilton

The Sanlam Top Destination Awards has created a new Water Sustainability Award in conjunction with Water 4 Cape Town and Cape Town Tourism.

The awards serve to promote local and inbound tourism in South Africa. Voters this year once again showed huge support for their preferred establishments across 10 categories.

Sanlam Top Destination Awards founder and Director of Discount Traveler, Jonathan Pepler, said the aim of the award was to put a spotlight on an establishment that has truly gone beyond the call of duty to conserve water.

“It serves as a beacon to other establishments to follow this outstanding example and further the efforts of all South African businesses to do their part.”

“Tourism is a powerful force in the economy. With an estimated 300,000 jobs in the Western Cape dependent on tourism, it is important the industry continues to thrive. Accommodation providers are rising to the challenges of maintaining current water restrictions, while simultaneously working to provide comfort for thousands of guests each year,” he said.

The most common far-reaching measures seen employed by the nominees of this year’s Sanlam Top Destination Awards were meter usage to monitor use in each instance and ensure no leaks go undetected, grey water recycling, wastewater treatment for re-use, using non-potable water for sanitation purposes and focused employee training programmes, among others.