Travellers get candid about why they checked out of their hotel room on question and answer website Quora. Picture: Pixabay.
Travellers get candid about why they checked out of their hotel room on question and answer website Quora. Picture: Pixabay.

Sex, stalkers and dodgy rooms: The real reason why people check out of their hotels

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Oct 14, 2020

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Ever checked into a hotel only to check out right after due to a bad experience? Well, some travellers are getting candid about their experiences on question and answer website Quora.

The question "What made you leave a hotel right after you checked in?" received some scary and salacious responses.

Chester Caton found strangers in their motel room.

"I have a mobile business, so I go to motels a lot. I went to set up for a show in an area I don’t usually go. So I had to find a new motel other than the ones I usually deal with. I find one that is close to where I have to do my show the next day and I go to check in.

I can tell it isn’t the highest level of luxury but I’m just looking for a clean bed and plumbing. So I pay the clerk and go check the room (never take your luggage with you first) and my friend goes with me. When we open the door there is a guy sitting by the sink on the floor with a needle stuck in his arm!!! He half looks up, I turn and look at my friend and we double step out of there."(sic).

Another traveller named Thomas McKeon said he had a stalker disturb him.

He recollected the incident.

"I passed a girl (I think) on my way to my room. I said hi, she said hi. I get in my room and the phone in my room is immediately ringing. It’s the girl (I think) on the phone calling me from the lobby where she found my name. I was in a rough part of Miami. I just wanted to watch the Super Bowl. Girl keeps calling wanting to know if I wanted a date. She bangs on the door with a bottle of champagne. The room next door was full of prostitutes and customers making a racket. Another room was where the pimp and his friends were watching the game and beating the s*** out of each other. Sounded like they were gonna bust through the wall. The phone keeps ringing. My hello was the same as asking for a date. Noisiest room ever. No chance for peace. Grabbed my s***, threw it in the car and drove 1500 miles north. If you ever visit North Miami don’t stay in the Viking motel," he said. (sic)

Vijay Kant replied to the comment, stating that there were similar hotels in Mumbai around the airport area. "If you check-in to them they automatically assume that you are looking for some action. Your room door will be knocked 24/7 by pimps trying to sell you some action. The hotel staff will also get involved in this harassment by insisting to clean your room and replace your towels three times a day. I find it all amusing!" (sic)

Traveller John Brill said that he paid for a dodgy accommodation while on a trip with his wife.

"We stopped at around Vandenbeg AFB looking for a place to spend the night. I honestly don’t remember the name of the motel, but it was just outside of the gate to the base. Went in and paid &170.00 for a room. The clerk said no refunds as it was a busy weekend.

"Got the key and went to check it out before unloading all our gear.

The room was a dump! The exhaust fan in the bathroom was hanging out of the ceiling. So I started looking around the room a little more closely. Dirty Carpet, the sliding door out the rear of the room would not lock. And the room stunk so bad! Enough said, went back to the car and told my wife let’s go somewhere else," he said, (sic).

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