The forest valley and rain vortex waterfall inside the Jewel at Changi Airport in Singapore. Pic: The New York Times
Singapore Airlines has increased the services between Johannesburg and Singapore to ten weekly flights as Singapore becomes an attractive holiday and business destination for South Africans. 

Three more weekly night departures between Johannesburg and Singapore were recently introduced. 

 "It gives South Africans a good opportunity to travel on the light departure flight to Singapore and to experience the cultures in other places in Asia," said the market development manager for Singapore Airlines, Sally George. 

"It is also good for corporate travellers as they can get a full day of work in and then travel on the night flight, arriving with a fresh mind the next day. "

The Changi Airport,  famous for having the world's tallest indoor waterfall, has also been voted as the best airport in the world.  

South Africans in Singapore can enjoy the food, affordable goods,  the different cultures and the dedications to South Africa and Nelson Mandela.