Sleep should be the least of your worries on holiday. Picture: Pexels.

With jet lag and late nights out, it's quite hard to find time to get a good night's rest. Many of us toss and turn on our hotel beds and wake up feeling super tired the next day. Good sleep during travels need not be a problem if you plan right.

Here are a few tips:

Let your body adjust to the time zone: Jet lag isn’t a pleasant feeling, and it can ruin the first few days of your holiday. While many travellers opt to get to bed as soon as they land( even if it's at 8 am), it is not a good idea. Rather spend the day exploring and sleep at night. This will help your body adjust to the time zone, and you will feel like brand new the next day.

Be active: Getting a work out ( touring counts) makes it easier for travellers to sleep at night. You can choose to walk instead of taking a taxi, spend an hour at the hotel gym or take a walking tour. However, try not to exercise before going to bed.

Say no to alcohol: While a glass of alcohol may seem like a fast way to fall asleep, it is not. It reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. According to WebMD, REM could cause daytime drowsiness and poor concentration.

Go natural: A glass of milk or herbal tea before bedtime does wonders for travellers who want some shut-eye. You won't regret it.

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