Scottish woman Moira Boxall travelled found the python in her suitcase. Picture: Scottish SPCA.

Remember Samuel L Jackson’s Snakes on a Plane movie where his FBI agent character battled deadly snakes on a plane?

Well, it looks like a Scottish woman named Moira Boxall, who was travelling from Queensland to Glasgow, could have experienced the sequel.

According to CNN, a python had been occupying her shoe for the 14 484 kilometre journey.

The reptile made his home in the shoe where it began to shed its skin. Boxall only realised that the snake had been in her shoe when she arrived home.

She alerted the Scottish SPCA who took the necessary steps to safeguard the snake. In a statement to CNN, they said the snake had been put into quarantine at their animal rescue and re-homing centre in Edinburgh.

Boxall told BBC the snake could have been in her shoe for three weeks before the startling discovery.

Boxall said she one day woke to noise only to discover the snake on the floor.

Panicked, she went in search of her daughter to alert her. When she came back to the room, the snake disappeared- presumably sneaking into her suitcase.