The medical tourism destinations you should know about. Pixabay

Combining a holiday with an elective or cosmetic procedure is still a popular choice for many travellers.

Recently reported that: “ In 2016, over 11 million travellers left the shores of the US in search of different countries around the world seeking affordable healthcare.”

But choosing the right destination for your medical procedure can be daunting. This list updated by Healthy Travel Media the publisher of Patients Beyond Borders — is a great place to start your research.


  • One of the most visited countries for tourist health care.
  • Cost effective and quality care.
  • Accredited private health care facilities offer travel packages, including the cost of the procedure.
  • Zero to reasonable waiting times.

South Africa

  • Popular because of a favourable exchange rate for American and European visitors.
  • World-class cosmetic and dental surgeons.
  • Tourist choose beach holidays or safari’s before and after procedures
Brazil is ranked number one in Latin America for healthcare. Pexels


  • Best known for cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Ranked number one in Latin America for healthcare.
  • Be careful of non-accredited hospitals and unregistered surgeons.
  • Florianopolis and Sao Paulo are the top two cities for cutting-edge medical technology.


  • The highest number of internationally accredited hospitals in South-East Asia.
  • Favourable exchange rate.
  • Half a million people visit for medical procedures each year.
  • Best known for cosmetic and dermatological surgeries.