Survey: The most expensive cities to relocate to. Pexels
Survey: The most expensive cities to relocate to. Pexels

Survey reveals the most expensive cities to relocate to

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Aug 1, 2019

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It's stressful and expensive when you move to a new country, but a new study shows the most expensive city to relocate to is San Francisco in the US.

The study was done by Movinga and revealed it will cost an average of $13 531 (about R195 600) for an individual and $24 004 for a family to move to San Francisco.

This research selected the most popular cities worldwide to analyse and then counted the essential costs associated with day-to-day living as well as rental prices were determined. It also looked at the budget needed to cover transportation, food and drink, as well as the price of a new phone plan.

The top ten list of the most expensive cities to relocate to. Supplied

The data also revealed other costs:

  • Most expensive monthly transport is in London,UK (individual = $171, family = $427), followed by Cologne, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.
  • Most expensive monthly food and drink costs is in Geneva, Switzerland (individual = $823, family = $1,906), followed by Zurich, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway.
  • Most expensive monthly phone bills is in Canada (individual = $53, family = $107), followed by Japan and the United States.

Managing director of Movinga, Finn Age Hänsel said: "With a clear demand for certain skills, global companies are now competing with each other for top talent, which means that there are more opportunities across borders than ever before."

He added: "With our mission to help people to relocate, we see that often individuals say yes to job opportunities because of the attractive offer, but don’t give as much thought to the realities of moving to a different city in terms of the real estate market and the true cost of living.”  

* Information from The Global Moving Price Index

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