The Blue Train launches "Surrender to the Luxury of Slow"

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Nov 27, 2018

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The Blue Train launched its new brand repositioning, the first in over 20 years, augmenting the brand to meet the evolving needs of the discerning traveller, and launching its new offering for businesses.

Businesses can hire the train for private charters around Pretoria on ‘A Trip to Nowhere,’ on the Pretoria to Sun City route, on the Pretoria to Durban route, the main route which is Pretoria to Cape Town, and other destinations within South Africa’s rail network.

Businesses can take advantage of the gourmet food freshly prepared onboard served in the Dining Car; the fine liquors and handmade cigars available in the Club Car; the versatile Observation Car that doubles up as a boardroom and as the dance floor for business events, and where needed, the De Luxe and Luxury Suites with all-round butler services.

The iconic brand’s new positioning is captured in the statement, “Surrender to the Luxury of Slow,” a meditation on time, and how for the discerning traveller, time is the greatest luxury. The positioning anchors The Blue Train as a prime choice of experience for luxury travellers and businesses needs and places it among luxury brand experiences that exceed luxury rail. 


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