Forget the bathroom, members of the Mile High Club are doing the deed in another comfortable place. Picture: Pexels

Sex on a plane is a bucket list item many travellers want to tick off. 

But, if you are thinking that the toilet is the only place people are doing it, you're mistaken. 

According to Heather Poole, who wrote "Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35 000 Feet", most mile-high club members avoided the bathroom and chose to do the deed in their seats. 

The Express revealed an excerpt of the book. 

Poole wrote in her book: “One thing I’ve noticed is that more and more mile-high members are avoiding the bathroom altogether, preferring to do the deed in their seat.”

She revealed that the passengers would use a blanket to cover their saucy deeds, but their “giggling and wiggling in the process” kind of gave them away. 

Being a flight attendant meant that the crew members needed to catch the culprits doing the deed without blatantly accusing them. 

Poole said in the book: “As soon as one of us is clued in to what might be going on, we’ll spread the word and each take turns slowly passing by their seat as we investigate the matter further.

“The couple will smile sheepishly, pretending they’re not doing what they’re oh-so-obviously doing. Or they might not even notice us at all until we stand at their row and loudly clear our throats.” (sic). 

The former cabin crew member also dropped another bomb in her tell-all: “It's not actually illegal to engage in sexual activity on an airplane. But it is a federal offence not to comply with crew member instruction.”

She added that if one does not comply with the flight attendant, passengers would have to face the consequence.