The innovative, modern, trendy, chic, and eco-friendly Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton opened its doors for the first time on African soil on 10 June 2017 in Sandton, Johannesburg. Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton offers features and services that, until recently, were only available in the millennial travellers’ dreams.

Millennials, also commonly known as Generation Y, are said to travel more than any other generation. Travelling is viewed as a necessity and a crucial part of life rather than an added luxury. While other generations opt to save and splurge on travelling less often, studies have revealed that the average millennial is finding ways to travel more than once a year.

Being the most travelled generation there’s no surprise that the hotel industry is constantly looking at new concepts and ideas that make this demographic tick when it comes to travelling and selecting their preferred accommodation. Signature Lux Hotel Sandton have tapped into the key necessities valued most by this generation who are reshaping our cultural and consumption patterns.

Uncapped internet

Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton offers all guests free uncapped, unshaped WIFI with individual WIFI routers in each room allowing guests to consume as much online content as they desire. Recent studies have revealed that millennials spend up to 18 hours a day consuming content and with the cost of data escalating these individuals are looking for accommodation that offers more than 200MB of free internet. Internet connection is valued so much so that 60% of this generation are prepared to pay for in flight WIFI.


Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton rooms are equipped with 40-inch Samsung smart TV’s allowing guests to enjoy streaming services. Guests at the hotel also have access to a fully integrated app allowing them to do everything from making their booking, accessing their rooms using their smartphone, in-room WIFI calling, to ordering dinner and requesting laundry service. 

Millennials are tech savvy individuals constantly looking for new devices and platforms to consume content on. As a result, travelling apps and devices that make travelling easier are highly valued by these young travellers. Most purchasing decisions are influenced by the opinions and recommendations of their peers so apps and devices that help ensure they don’t miss out on anything while travelling have become a necessity.

Accessibility to local experiences

When it comes to travelling, millennials are looking to immerse themselves into new cultures and experiences. According to recent studies up to 86% of people aged between 18 -29 value experiencing local culture while 69% of the same demographic value trying out local foods. 

Located just 30 steps from Nelson Mandela Square, 300 steps from the Sandton Convention Centre and 230 steps from the Gautrain station, Signature Lux is making it easy for everyone to experience everything that Johannesburg has to offer.

Effortless check in and check out

Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton offers a 24 hr self-service check-in-kiosk allowing all guests to easily check in. Recent studies have revealed that as many as 83% of millennials prefer a self-service check in and out when travelling. While a significant amount of time is spent connecting with their peers when it comes to checking in and out of hotels this generation are looking for little to no human interaction and prefer a process that is quick and seamless. While the demands of this tech savvy demographic remain unpredictable, Signature Lux continues to meet all their travelling needs.