reveals this year's top honeymoon destinations. Picture: Maldives/Instagram. reveals this year's top honeymoon destinations. Picture: Maldives/Instagram.

The world’s Instagrammable honeymoon destinations revealed

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Feb 24, 2020

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Are you planning a honeymoon and want to go somewhere with picturesque locations? Well, read on. 

Photography and videography experts collated the top 15 most Instagrammable honeymoon destinations of 2020. 

The company said that there were over 172,000 google searches made globally on average each month for honeymoon destinations.  

Thephototeam searched through the hashtag “honeymoondestinations” on Instagram and found 50 unique destinations. Thephototeam collated the top 26 Instagrammable honeymoon destinations of 2020. 

Taking the top spot in Paris with over 120 million hashtags on Instagram. It’s no surprise that Paris clinched top honours as it is known as the City of Love. The city is famed for its charming views, famous landmarks and gourmet food. 

Claiming the second spot is Bali with 67,097,317 hashtags on Instagram. Bali has become an affordable destination for travellers, especially South Africa. The Indonesian island is famous for its swing, culture and other water activities. 

Another Indonesian city to make the top 10 is Lombok with over 8,884,036 hashtags. Tokyo made up the top 3 with 50,531,831 hashtags on Instagram.

According to the research, Asia and Europe were the most Instagrammable continents, while Kenya’s weather and safari tours prove popular on Instagram with Nairobi tagged more than 3.8 million times. 

Cape Town, in 8th place with 12,234,629 hashtags on Instagram, is also proving to be a top destination for travellers, especially those who want to escape the harsh winters abroad. 

Rising honeymoon destinations include Reykjavik, Iceland with 2,060,930 hashtags and São José do Campos in Brazil with 575,986 hashtags. 

Here are the world’s Instagrammable honeymoon destinations revealed:  

Paris 120,351,166    

Bali 67,097,317    

Tokyo 50,531,831    

Bangkok 34,864,480    

Sicily 18,338,616    

Buenos Aires 17,168,992    

Venice 16,382,292  


Cape Town 12,234,629    

Sri Lanka 11,243,511    

Cancun 10,366,556    

Phuket 10,158,666    

Maldives 9,963,141 


Marrakech 9,845,057    

Lombok 8,884,036    

The rest of the honeymoon destinations

Maui 7,435,573    

Santorini 6,845,076    

Mauritius 4,787,051    

Nairobi 3,808,730    

Dubrovnik 2,711,536    

Amalfi Coast 2,636,893    

Bora Bora 2,469,585    

Lapland 2,236,983    

Napa Valley 2,076,944    

Reykjavik 2,060,930    

Seychelles 1,719,698    

São José do Campos 575,986  

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