Singapore was one of the most searched destinations this year. Picture: Pexels.

Travel unites people, whether you swoon over the pictures of a destination or search for tips to plan a getaway. 
And, according to Google Year In Search, it seems many prospective travellers were searching for a couple of exciting destinations. Their year-end search results give a clear indication of what internet users searched for in 2018. 
Under the search item, “travel destinations”, Singapore came out tops, while the United Arab Emirates took second place. Ireland, Canada and Lebanon concluded the top 5. Other destinations in the top 10 include Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and South Africa. In terms of cities, New York topped the list, while Dubai, Toronto, Singapore and Sydney make up the top 5. 

Google said in a statement: "2018 saw a number of major elections around the world—in the U.S. the top searched “how to” question was “how to register to vote.” In a year when we said goodbye to many cultural icons, like Anthony Bourdain and Aretha Franklin, people searched for how they, too, could influence the next generation, asking ”how to be a good role model.” And when first responders rescued a team of soccer players from a cave in Thailand, the world was inspired — searches for “scuba diving lessons near me” increased by 110 percent that week.

"We searched for good news of championships, medal counts and royal weddings, and sought out bright spots throughout the year. We also searched for how to be a good citizen, how to be a good friend, and how to be a good dancer. (Perhaps with the help of some Fortnite GIFs.)