Shopping for gifts for loved ones during your holiday can be a stressor. Picture: Pixabay
Shopping for gifts for loved ones during your holiday can be a stressor. Picture: Pixabay

These are the top 5 holiday stressors

By Staff reporter Time of article published Oct 31, 2019

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Going on a holiday is meant to be a time where you get to relax in a new environment, where you strip away all of life’s pressures. Sadly, with holidays come additional worries that can cause stress for travellers. 

Researchers have found that the holidays, while festive, provide the perfect combination for schedule and relationship overload. Spending a lot more time with family and friends over the holidays and, the additional stress in trying to make sure that everything is perfect increases the pressure on everyone.

Helene Vermaak, Director at The Human Edge says that holiday season can be quite stressful. 

She says: "Many of us just take on more than we are able to get done over the holidays and over commit ourselves. This increase in stress can place a significant toll on health at a time where we should be recharging.”

Vermaak says that The Human Edge's US partner, VitalSmarts, ran a survey and found that the top five holiday stressors include finances, shopping and physical health, among others. 

Below she shares the top 5: 

Keeping up with your travels: Trying to stay on top of all the activities, pressures and expectations that come with the holidays can cause undue stress. 

Finances: Overspending to make your holiday extra special and having concerns about exceeding your budget. 

Shopping: Believe it or not, finding the “perfect gift” for those family and friends at home can cause stress. 

Family events: The thought of attending holiday dinners, parties and gatherings with relatives is enough to take anyone into stress mode.

Physical health: Trying to stay healthy and active at a time when food and festivities are in overabundance. 

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