These Pride celebrations are worth travelling to. Picture by Axel Schmidt/Reuters

If you're travelling this month, it's the perfect time to check-in and check out some of the LGBTQI+ parades and events.

In different countries and cities the celebrations will vary, but Pride parties is a great way to get a real taste of your holiday destination.

Some of the celebrations kick-off in June and end in July so you can check with your tour guides and the local tourist authority in the city you're visiting.

London Pride 

There are a series of events you can be a part of by checking the Pride in London website.

The big parade takes place on Saturday 6 July and the colour and spectacle is worth witnessing. It starts at midday at Portland Place and finishes at Whitehall.

Other notable events is IBikeLondon and the Pride Karaoke.

New York Pride

The American LGBTQI+ community is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. NY Pride on their website explains that there are varies events to attend: "from rallies to parties to lectures, there are free and ticketed events produced by NYC Pride and our official partners spread across New York City."

For schedules, dates and times, you can check out World Pride NYC

Paris Pride

Paris hosts the main Pride party although many are held across France, including Gay Pride Bordeaux, Gay Pride Angers and Gay Pride Aix en Provence

The Paris Pride Festival tends to be a huge success each year and this year the party is on Saturday 29 June. You can find more information here