It started with her asking a "random man" to kiss her at the Eiffel Tower. Picture: Twitter

Kosovo-born Kristiana Kuqi is on a quest to find the perfect Instagram post. It's become an obsession for her to the point where she's travelled the world. And now that very quest has gone viral in a matter of weeks.

Kuqi goes around the globe and asks complete strangers to kiss her at some of the world's most famous landmarks. It started with her asking a "random man" to kiss her at the Eiffel Tower so she could "pretend she say having a romantic time in Paris."

When posting the picture to Twitter, the university graduate added she hoped the man is "doing well", before sharing another picture of a stranger she kissed outside the Colosseum in Rome. 

The Daily Mail and other news outlets quickly got hold of the story, and she's proved quite the catch now.

"I hope this one from Rome is good too" she shared, posting a photo in a romantic embrace with the man she had just met.

She then added a third picture of her on tip toes, kissing a fireman who leaned out the window of his vehicle.

Twitter users have heaped praise on Kuqi for taking the leap and choosing to travel to famous destinations by herself, and inadvertently putting a spotlight on solo female travel.