Tiffindell Ski and Alpine resort in the Southern Drakensberg had their first snowfall this weekend.

Tiffindell Ski and Alpine resort in the Southern Drakensberg, Eastern Cape, experienced its first natural snowfall of the year this weekend. This was the first snowfall of the year and they are predicting many more come winter. 

A light dusting of snow covered the mountain of Ben Macdhui, on Saturday night and on Monday morning. 

Tiffindell Ski Resort which is situated at 2721m in the Eastern Cape is experiencing freezing temperatures and a lovely blanket of snow, it said in a press statement on Monday. 

"When the month of May has a snowfall, we predict a winter skiing season of June, July and August with regular snowfalls throughout. We urge those who want to experience a winter wonderland to come down to Tiffindell," it said. 

Tiffindell offers ski lifts, a restaurant, ski shop and ski school that offers three months of skiing and snowboarding during June, July and August. Non-aspiring skiers can join in to enjoy a unique experience making snowmen, throwing snow balls or tobogganing, making it the perfect family holiday for young and old.