TikToker shares awkward encounter about how a husband left his wife and kids for first-class seat upgrade

Passengers seated in economy seats on a flight. Picture: Unsplash

Passengers seated in economy seats on a flight. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jun 14, 2023


Social media users have reacted with disdain after hearing a story that a man in his late forties left his wife and kids and upgraded his seat to first-class on a four-hour flight.

According to a story time or video posted by Jordynn Wynn on TikTok, she was sitting in first-class on a plane when her neighbour, a married man started chatting with her.

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In Wynn’s video captioned “most awkward encounter”, she reveals that the man, who is also a professor, upgraded his seat to first class so he “could work”, however, chose to leave his wife and two kids behind in economy.

“And then at some point he tells me that his wife is actually in the back with the two kids because he is very far behind on a project and was sitting in first-class so he could finish because he also got randomly upgraded,” said Lynn.

According to Wynn, within 15 to 20 minutes of her conversing with the man, his wife came up to them and the situation became heated.

“As literally as if on cue, we were talking for like 15 to 20 minutes at this point, and his wife comes up with the babies. Like probably, I don’t know a two year old and like a five year old and plops the babiest baby in his lap and is like if you’re not gonna work then the least you could do is watch one of the babies,” said Wynn.

Wynn said that the woman was pissed off, unsurprisingly, and long story short, the couple ended up having a “heated awkward conversation” which ended with the wife leaving the two year old with the father.

Following the incident, Wynn said she initially thought the lady was grumpy however, what partner leaves their partner in the back of a plane while they’re in first class drinking whiskey?

“The lesson I learnt here is one, never talk to a man with wedding rings on. It’s just not worth it. There’s no reason. And two, choose wisely. Do not marry someone who’s gonna leave you in the back of the plane with a two year old and a five year old,” said Wynn.

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