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Cape Town - As the US celebrates the recent nomination of Donald Trump as president elect, not all US citizens are too happy about it.

The Canadian immigration site crashed repeatedly as US states closed their polls and results began to come in, according to USA Today.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is no fan of The Trump, and has criticised him in the past.

Trudeau plans to allow 25 000 refugees to resettle in Canada by February, giving priority to women, children, families and persecuted groups such as lesbians and gays, says USA Today.

Some celebs also voiced their concern, stating they’d move to Canada if Trump wins.



Singer Cher and Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston were among those who tweeted they’d pack their bags and leave the US.




Guidelines for applying for Canadian residency are:

* A skill that can be used in Canadian businesses

* A job in Canada

* Relatives or friends who have nominated you for permanent residency

* A position as an entrepreneur with a high net worth