File photo: An Airbus A389-381 of Emirates Airlines comes in to land at Zurich Airport with the town of Dielsdorf, Switzerland in the background. Picture: Reuters

The scene opens with a bank of clouds offering little visibility over the airfield, but then an Emirates plane parts through the clouds like a hot knife through butter and makes a near-perfect landing.

The video was first posted by the Dubai-based airline to Twitter with the caption reading "Now that's how you make a grand entrance." The video was also credited to Tom Jones. Posted just two days ago, it went instantly viral with over 220K views and 2.2K shares.

The A380 aircraft landed at London's Gatwick airport, according to The Independent, after flying in from Dubai.

Emirates has the largest fleet of super jumbos - about half of the world's A380s belong to the airline.

Obviously Twitter responded in kind with a collection of memes and quirky replies.