Model Alexia Portmann arrived for her flight a year earlier. Picture: Maria Tyutina/Pexels
Model Alexia Portmann arrived for her flight a year earlier. Picture: Maria Tyutina/Pexels

WATCH: Good grief! Woman arrives for flight a year earlier

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Aug 13, 2021

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When model Alexia Portmann's holiday in Croatia ended, she made her way to the airport at 6am to catch her flight.

But nothing could prepare her for the shock she received once she got to the airport.

Turns out, she arrived for her flight a year earlier.


easyjet acc been doing me dirty man wtf

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In a viral Tik Tok video, the model shares a blunder that happened.

"As if I've just gotten to the airport at 6am and my flight turns out to be next year. good f***ing night".(sic)

In another video, she explained the flight mix up after some users called her a liar.


will post a video explaining how i got home soon sorry still very sleep deprived xxx

♬ original sound - lex 🍒

She explained that her flight got cancelled twice, with the next available date on 4th August.

She thought the flight was for 2021. But when she got to the airport, she found out the date was 2022.

She said she got a bit "iffy" before her flight, as she didn't receive any correspondence from the airline, but as the flight was booked through her dad's email, she thought he forgot to send her.

Portmann ended up going to Italy, she said in the video.

"It turned out okay in the end. It was so f****** stressful, I wouldn't wish that on my own worst enemy. Never again," she said.

What to do before you leave for the airport:

Make sure you have the correct date of travel

To avoid unnecessary travel blunders like Portmann, check that your flight date, time and departure airport is correct. If unsure, call the airline to clarify.

Check into your flight

Checking into your flight offers many benefits, but it is also a sure way to ensure that your flight is going ahead as scheduled. Some airlines may delay or cancel flights at any given notice and correspondence may be delayed.

Don't stress

If you have your flight dates mixed up, a call to the airline can solve all your problems. Relax and let them take care of it.

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