An artist rendition of the Titanic II. Picture: Facebook
An artist rendition of the Titanic II. Picture: Facebook

WATCH: New 'Titanic' might set sail in 2022

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Aug 12, 2019

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The Titanic is without a doubt the most well known passenger liner in the world and now it's making a comeback.

Titanic II is being built to recreate the original passenger liner that sank in 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean on its maiden voyage.

Immortalised in the blockbuster movie of the same name, Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer has made it his mission to recreate the ship and eventually sail into New York.

Palmer has been touting the Titanic II for years now and there some who support him and others on social media who believe he's a dreamer and his ship has sailed

Last year Palmer, who is also the Chairman of Blue Star Line announced that international marine classification society, Lloyd’s Register, had committed to the Titanic II project.

“Blue Star Line looks forward to working closely with them in making this project a reality,’’ Mr Palmer said.

The statement adds: "Offering more than 250 years’ experience with passenger ships, Lloyd’s Register will be responsible for reviewing drawings, calculation and studies for Titanic II to ensure compliance with modern standards."

Details about the Titanic II on the official website are sketchy and quite vague.

No deadlines have been made public about the construction of the passenger liner or when and where you'll be able to book a cabin.

Under the heading of frequently asked questions the Blue Star Line says if you register for their newsletter you will be the first to know about booking and launch dates.

And even though there are only 3D depictions and artist renditions of the Titanic II the company claims it will be an exact replica of the original Titanic, including the cabins, dining rooms and of course the deck.

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