Canadian made Track-N-Go can turn a snow holiday into a fun filled adventure. Picture: Track-N-Go

People who love snow holidays will appreciate Canadian made Track-N-Go innovative system that turns a pickup truck into a snow mobile within minutes. 

The wheel driven track system can be installed in less than 5 minutes, a video on the product shows. This means that those treacherous snow spots are no challenge for this handy travel device. 

The gripping video shows how a pickup truck and SUVs are turned into a one of a kind machine and how easy driving can be in snow conditions. 

Described as a ‘new technology’ that will answer off road needs, the system is versatile and can be used in multiple vehicles. 

It is made from high strength low alloy steel, strong durable pneumatic mountain and industrial grade tracks. 

Developers reveal  that it is easy maintenance at low cost. 

The video itself shows its capabilities as the truck maneuvers through high snow terrain.

Watch the video: