Video of a man punching fellow passenger's reclined seat goes viral. But, the internet is divided. Picture: Pexels.
Video of a man punching fellow passenger's reclined seat goes viral. But, the internet is divided. Picture: Pexels.

WATCH: The passenger shaming video that has the internet divided

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Feb 15, 2020

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A video of a man, who could not recline his seat on a plane, punching the seat of a woman who reclined hers has got the internet divided. 

The video posted by journalist Marina Marraco had different opinions of who was right and who was wrong in the situation.

Marraco posted the video alongside the tweet: “This video has the internet legitimately divided. Dude is in the last seat on the plane. The seat doesn’t recline. Hers does. And she reclines. He’s upset, and is punching her seat incessantly - so she records. Who is right?!

Who is wrong?!”

User Ronnie DePesa felt the female traveller had the right to recline her seat.

He tweeted: “She has every right to recline her seat. He has NO RIGHT to punch hers. Its the air lines fault for the bad design. Not hers. If he doesn't like it purchase another seat next time.” (sic). 

User Nash Fung tweeted: “I’m a frequent flyer, IMO: The seat reclines= end of discussion. Whoever sits there has every right to use any and every feature that comes with that seat. What’s so controversial about it????” (sic). 

User Chris P. Bacon asked the question: “But why is it her fault he booked a crappy seat? And what kind of sane adult punches someone's seat?”(sic). 

Some choose the side of the male. 

User Tim Rege said: “How is this even a question? She is clearly in the wrong, 1) for reclining, 2) not asking & not pulling forward when it was a clear problem, 3) for filming it, & 4) for sending it in to Bravo. (Granted, he could’ve handled it better).”(sic). 

User Andrew Rothman tweeted: “If youre going to recline your seat more than 1" please ask. Ive almost had my computer broken 4+times by people who randomly throw their seat all the way back. Cant stand those people.”(sic). 

Some blamed the airline. 

Jon Levine tweeted: “The airlines are at fault for forcing human beings into these depraved Lord of the Flies type situations. These two passengers are really on the same side. The fact that we view this as a “right/wrong” question between the two of them — is revealing.” (sic). 



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