LiLou the therapy pig is warming travellers' hearts one selfie at a time. Picture: Instagram/Reuters.

LiLou the pig dons a pilot’s cap, has her hoofs painted red and looks adorable. Yeah, I know what you are thinking: “how can a pig be adorable?” Well, LiLou is not just any pig. 

LiLou is fast becoming one of the world's most talked about pets. 

Known as a therapy pig, LiLou aims to make stressed air passengers departure and arrival at San Francisco International Airport a little more bearable. 

According to the Mirror, the five-year-old Juliana pig and her owner, Tatyana Danilova, are part of San Francisco International Airport's Wag Brigade.The programme aims to ease passengers travel anxieties through the presence of animals. 

LiLou can be anywhere in the airport and is not shy of posing for a few selfies. She apparently also entertains departing passengers with her toy piano. 

If that does not add cheer to someone’s day, I do not know what will! LiLou is fast becoming a much-needed distraction for anxious travellers. 

But, if you do happen to spot LiLou, she recommends you approach her from the front. 

"Everybody is usually very happy and it makes them pause for a second and smile and be like, 'Oh, it's great',” Danilova said. 

LiLou and Danilova share an apartment in San Franciso. LiLou is taken care off like a queen with her own bed, daily walks and a special diet of organic vegetables. 

To be part of the "Wag Brigade" which currently includes mostly dogs, the animals will need to take part in a training program with the San Francisco SPCA. 


Video source: EuroNews/YouTube