Columbia Island offshore of New York is up for sale. Picture from William Pitt Sotheby's Realty

William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty has listed Columbia Island (off of New Rochelle, New York) for sale.

If you have $13 million (about R136 million) lying around then this island could be yours.

Current owner Al Sutton has listed his residence on Columbia Island as well as the neighbouring Pea Island.

In a video posted on YouTube you can see that the home on the island has an open plan kitchen, four bedrooms and two bathrooms and the bonus island thrown into the deal.

CNN reports that "the island residence is also self-sustaining, with solar panels on the roof to provide energy, a desalination machine to provide clean water and a septic system that is maintained by a private service."

The news network says: "Sutton originally purchased Columbia Island in 2007 for $1 million, and he purchased Pea Island five years ago for $500,000. Eleven years later and $8 million poorer, Sutton is ready to move on."

Bloomberg spoke to Sutton who is quoted as saying "you get on the island, even if it's a wreck, and it's just gorgeous - the sky, the tide, the birds, everything," Sutton told Bloomberg. "And that sort of blinded me and my thoughts. I just went: 'Wow, what a Zen experience this could be."

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