There are two types of packers - those who roll their clothes and those who iron and pack their travel wear in a methodical order. I am the latter type of packer. 

That, however, means that there is never enough space to carry everything. I am therefore forced to tug a larger suitcase with me on my adventures. 
Frustrated at this, I tried the folding method. 

The folding method is known to help save space (no more large suitcases for weekend trips), and it makes packing much easier. 
I love it because I am able to pack within minutes as opposed to spending hours arranging the items according to what I want to wear for each day. 

Travel expert Leslie Willmott, in a video on how to roll clothing, said rolling was a great form of packing if one has casual clothing, denim or synthetic clothing. 

She said these types of clothing did not wrinkle. 

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