Turkish Airlines launched its new commercial on Sunday during the Super Bowl featuring Dr Oz. Picture: Supplied.

Turkish Airlines launched their intriguing new commercial at the Super Bowl this Sunday.  The commercial features famous heart surgeon and TV personality Dr Oz.

Award-winning Danish director Martin Aamund took the reins for the film, which will be broadcasted in South Africa and across America, Europe and the Middle East.

Filmed under extreme weather conditions, with temperatures up to 50° C in the Sahara Desert and below 0° C for the Northern Lights, the commercial celebrates the magic of the human body to excel in diverse conditions.

Dr Oz said that as a doctor who has dedicated his life to communicating the wonders of the human body to the world, he was  thrilled to work with Turkish Airlines on their novel Five Senses project. “Together we will explore the unique experiences we can have across diverse locations around the world as we invoke curiosity and a sense of wonder for our audience,” he said.

This campaign follows the launch of the highly successful TV commercial starring Morgan Freeman during the 2017 Super Bowl which went on to become the most watched Super Bowl commercial on YouTube with 53 million views.

Watch the commercial here: