Travel blogger Simon Wilson. Picture:
Travel blogger Simon Wilson. Picture:

WATCH: YouTuber claims to have scored cheapest flight in the world

By Staff reporter Time of article published Oct 14, 2019

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Travel blogger Simon Wilson says he's discovered the cheapest flight in the world for less than $15 (about R220). 

The outrageous claim was made when Wilson flew from London to Oslo, Norway for just £3.99 (about R75) each way with budget airline Ryanair, reported.

“That is unbelievable. I can’t even get a taxi from my house to the corner shop for that price,” he said in a video he posted to his YouTube channel in April.

“That is the cheapest flight, not only that I am going to go on, but that I’ve ever heard,” he continued.

Wilson said he discovered the cheap flights via fellow YouTuber ClickForTaz.

ClickForTaz's hack for finding cheap flights included searching for “Ryanair cheap flights”, which took her to a search page on Ryanair’s website that offered the airline’s cheapest prices on flights to destinations in Europe. 

Based on the results of the page, the pair flew from London Stansted Airport, which offered the cheapest prices. 

But there were a few snags: The pair weren’t seated together even though they booked their flights together. They also had to travel with carry-on luggage or be forced to pay an extra fee to have it checked in.

Some questioned the authenticity of the video though, suggesting it could be an April Fool's joke. 

Whether it's true or not, it prompted many other users to share their own hacks for scoring cheap flights, including flying from Stansted airport to northern Ireland for £5 return; Germany to the palmas £1; and €2 flights to Jordan.

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