Valentines from around the world. Picture:


It’s all about the Chocolate


If you’re a complete chocoholic then head over to gorgeous Ghana for sumptuous lashings of chocolate courtesy of your lover. Noted as one of the world’s most important cocoa bean producers the government decided to use Valentine’s Day as the perfect vehicle to get the citizens eating more of the lovely dark stuff during February by making the 14th National Chocolate Day


In Japan the locals turn this celebration of love on its head by letting the ladies chase the men. Seriously! Girls give their guys gifts of chocolate in the hopes that one month later they will receive reciprocal gifts in return. Retailers in Japan go to extreme lengths to entice buyers to purchase chocolate over this time that it is said that half of all the chocolate sold in Japan is over Valentine’s.


Sign it with an X or spoon your way to love


In Denmark and Norway a loved up lad will send his Valentine an anonymous card or poem signed only with the number of dots that represent the letters of his name. if the girl guesses correctly who her love note is from, she will receive an Easter egg from her suitor. If not – she must buy the egg as way of an apology.


The Welsh don’t celebrate St Valentines, rather they pay homage to their patron saint of lovers – Saint Dwynwen – by giving each other beautifully carved spoons and they do this in January before the madness that is the commercially driven celebration starts. The tradition has grown and now a hand-carved spoon is an appropriate gift for weddings, births and anniversaries or just any celebration of love really.


Every month is the month of love


If you’re a complete romantic and cannot wait for the annual celebration of all things love then head to South Korea. Every month on the 14ththey celebrate something – hugs, love, wine, roses, kissing and you can guarantee that sales of fluffy toys, chocolates, flowers and all the usual Valentines trimmings go through the roof during February.


Putting a ring on it


There can be no greater commitment to the one you love than by putting a ring on it. The Philippines is where it’s at if you’re keen to be part of a mass wedding. This phenomenon has taken off in recent years and the universal day of love is seen by many couples as the perfect time to tie the knot. Mass wedding ceremonies even take place in shopping malls and also attract long married couples who use this opportunity to renew their vows.



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