Search teams are on high alert and want to bring the lion back to safety. Picture: Supplied.

Over the last few weeks, all anyone is ever talking about is the karoo lion, who escaped from Karoo National Park in February. Specialised trackers and rangers from Karoo National Park outside Beaufort West have expanded their search area in the hope of tracking down the lion which escaped from the park on February 15.

The search for the lion continued outside Beaufort West in the Western Cape yesterday.  

 Park Manager, Nico van der Walt said in a statement that another team will also return to the park’s fence to establish if the animal had not tried to regain entry to the park.

He says the areas the teams are searching in vary between thicketed canyons, steep, rocky hills and mountain tops, which is making finding spoor difficult. Despite this, he and his teams remain confident that they will succeed in returning the lion safely back to the park.

 The missing lion is believed to have killed a female eland in an adjacent farm to the park.

Farmers and farm workers in and around the area are requested to report sightings or evidence of lion spoor to the police or the park on 023 415 2828 or van der Walt directly on 082 801 2109.