A yacht party in Cartagena, Spain. Picture: Hi Cartagena
A yacht party in Cartagena, Spain. Picture: Hi Cartagena

Yacht parties are the "in" thing for young travellers

By Mpho Rantao Time of article published Jul 31, 2018

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Who would like to get onto a yacht, sail to the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Oceans, hop between islands and party for a week straight? Young Adults, that’s who. 

The new trend of yacht parties and island hopping around the world - from Europe to Central America, to Southern Africa and Oceania has become a popular activity for millennials after being quiet for a while. 

The concept of working up a sweat while dancing and being able to cool off in the oceans is an idea that tempts many and increases tourism rates in popular destinations. 

For the international travellers who lust for a vacation that is not completely on land, companies like Sailweek Croatia and Greece are ideal for yacht parties. 

These companies specialise in mixing travelling with major social events that last as long seven days, and what could be better than travelling and partying at the same time?

For local travellers who would want a taste of the yacht party life before exploring the international seas can explore with Sexy Clifton Yachts - a Western Cape-based yacht company that hosts parties on a luxury for the entire summer season. 

Travellers are given the opportunity of picking various yacht tours between Greece and Croatia for a period and offered the chance to stay overnight on land - to continue their partying or relax before the travellers return home. 

These yacht parties are simply the answer to wanting to travel and party at the same time, without having too many worries over accommodation, itinerary and location. 


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