There are countries around the world that don't require a visa. Picture: Supplied

The idea of planning for a trip to another country is always a great idea, until the concept of having to apply for a visa to the country of your choice - a very tedious process for a lot of people.

Having to pay for pricey visas can really add up when travelling – but visiting visa-free countries will really help the budget, and it also makes it much easier to plan for a trip.

Here’s a short list of countries around the world that don’t require a visa.


Most SADC countries are accessible to us without a visa, as long as we're going there for vacation.

Botswana Kenya, and Mauritius.

Central and South America:

The good news is that pretty much the entire South and Central America is accessible to South Africans on nothing but a passport, with the exception of, among others, Suriname, French Guiana, Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

The list includes Bahamas and Jamaica.

Unlike the South and Central America, North America does require South Africans to apply for a visa before entering either Canada or the United States of America.


The disadvantage with European countries is that most of them are part of the Schengen union which requires travellers to apply for visas before travelling to a country in Europe.

The only countries which do not require a visa are Ireland, Kosovo and France's Reunion Island.


Like Europe, Asia does have a number of countries which actually require a visa either through applying for one before your flight or receiving a visa upon arrival to an Asian country.

The countries that don’t need visas are Malaysia, Hong Kong.


Excluding Australia, the countries in the Pacific are quite lenient with their visa requirements, and there are quite a number of countries that allow visitors to enter their country sans a visa.

Those countries are New Zealand and Fiji.