With summer holidays fast approaching, here are some packing tips you need to know. Picture: Luggage Pros.
With summer holidays fast approaching, here are some packing tips you need to know. Picture: Luggage Pros.

10 packing hacks this summer

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Nov 5, 2018

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With so many luggage options, and travel needs, Jamie Owen, marketing manager for Thule SA  provides some tips: 

Some questions to ask: 

Carry-on or check in? Big or small? If you’re flying, the starting point for you is whether you’re going to check in luggage or keep it on you. This will guide you on what size bag to take, as airlines have certain weight and height restrictions (check before you buy or fly to see what your frequent airline’s requirements are). Are you going for a weekend, or for a month? It probably goes without saying, but this will largely determine what bag you use.

If you’re travelling by car, ensure that all your luggage will fit into your car. If not, either pare down or look into a roof box or cargo carrier to help with the load.

 Hard or soft? What’s more comfortable for you, and what’s going to suit your type of travel? A duffel bag might work for some adventures like a camping trip, while a hard-sided suitcase on wheels would suit you better if you’re travelling abroad and will be moving with your case a fair amount.  If you can, try out any bag you buy first. See how it fits over your shoulder, how your hand feels around the handle, and how the wheels perform.

 Specialised gear: Yes, your camera can probably fit into your laptop bag, and your drone in your duffel bag, but if you’ve spent so much money on your equipment, you should get a bag that will adequately protect it. Aside from protection, they’re also designed for easy carrying and handling of that specific gear.

 Quick packing hacks:

·       Personalise your bag with a bold sticker or ribbon, especially if it’s a common type of bag or a black one.

·       When packing, keep the most useful stuff on the top. Keep your valuables in your carry-on luggage,

·       Keep prescription medication on you in case your luggage gets lost, and if you have space, pack a change of clothes and underwear.

·       Want to pack lighter? Take samples or mini sizes of toiletries, lint rollers and fabric refreshers for clothing that can be reworn, and neutral clothes that can be mixed and matched.

·       On a long drive or flight, take at least one battery pack for your phone or iPad. Solar charging devices are also fantastic if you don’t have access to electricity.

·       To minimise the hassle at airport security, have all the electronics that you’ll need to take out your bag close by, or at the top of your case.

·       To maximise space in any of your bags, roll your clothes up – don’t fold them.

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