Family holidays are special and can be good for your mind, body and soul. Picture: Yuganov Konstantin

There is nothing better than booking a holiday with family. Besides exploring a new country, its culture and its attractions, family holidays means you have time to catch up with your loved ones and enjoy their company.
Here are 3 reasons why a family holiday is good for the mind, body and soul: 
Personal growth 

Children who spend quality time with their loved ones have increased self-esteem. Genuine and sustained interactions with parents, grandparents and caregivers inspire self-confidence because they’re secure in the knowledge that they’re cared for and are in a safe space. They’re valued, and it shows in their ability to build relationships with others. This growth can happen anywhere that environment is created – whether it be in the family home or on a mind-expanding trip to a new place. 
It also offers personal growth to older people, too. It allows them to leave aside the hustle and bustle of life and make them think about their next step in their career. 
Travel creates memories
Holidays are the perfect time to create those family memories. Research by Club Med in the Asia Pacific region showed that the two reasons people travel were to relax and spend time with their loved ones. The brand launched the Amazing Family programme to create an environment for families to bond while they take a break. 
Holidays also allow you to step out of your comfort zone - whether it's a segway tour with the kids or taking a cultural tour with your parents. 

Family time strengthens bonds 
Spending time together as a family can be stressful in certain situations, but it also increases the ties between you and your family. The bonds created by families who enjoy group activities are stronger. Travelling long distances as a group isn’t always easy, but the family can emerge stronger on the back of the shared experience and the way everyone pulls together to make it a positive experience. In a busy modern world, time is a luxury and dedicating that valuable time to family only increases its value. It also opens the opportunity for dialogue, with lessons to be shared across the generations.