Nothing says celebrations than an escape. Picture: Pexels.

Your child has just received their matric results, and they have done well. While some want a new phone, the cash or something extravagant, others yearn for an escape. A celebratory holiday is a great way to treat your child for their hard work- and it makes for a fun-filled family getaway. 

There’s nothing better than toasting champagne in the mountains, or at a seascape. Or even having a celebratory boma dinner while you hear the Big 5 in the distance. Besides, you would probably be the parent of the year when your child hears about the trip.

Here are some tips to plan the trip:

Choose a destination that they like: Remember the trip is about them, so try to choose a location that they would appreciate. Whether it is an island escape to Thailand or Bali or a safari trip to the Kruger National Park, the destination needs to be somewhere the fresh out of school student wants to see.

Make it a surprise: As much as you want to tell your child about the holiday, rather keep it a secret until the day of the trip.  All you do is ask them to pack a suitcase. Drop hints about the destinations to help them figure it out along the way. The mystery can end at the airport (if you are flying) or at a road sign (if you are driving).

Treat them to a few tours and activities: What’s better than a change of scenery? Well, a little exploring never hurt anyone. Treat your child to a few tours and activities- whether it's a horse ride, sea adventure or even a city tour. The pictures will come in handy for their Gram.

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