Even if you paying, it does not hurt to be nice. Picture: Mark Makela for Daily Mail

It’s hard being a good hotel guest, especially when you are on a holiday. If you want to avoid being disliked by hotel staff, here are three tips on how to be a better guest:

Do not be a diva

I have seen many hotel guests who walk around as if they own the hotel. 

They treat staff terribly and do not care who sees it. I get you pay a lot to stay in a hotel, but it does not hurt to be nice and polite. 

If staff are not providing you with a decent service, rather lay a complaint to management than throw a tantrum. Besides, you do not want to be the news of the day among the hotel staff during their lunch break.

Try to keep it down

Hotel guests can get rowdy from time to time, but try not to be that person. While some hotel rooms are soundproof, some are not. I was at a hotel recently and never slept a wink due to the noise that fellow guests made in the hallway. If you are going to play music, try to stop by 9pm.

Try to tidy up after yourself

We all have that perception that housekeeping will clean up after you, and while that is true, it does not mean you should turn your hotel room into a pig sty. 

I have read of how some guests left the toilet unflushed, threw used condoms on the floor and other terrible acts for housekeeping to clean up. No one is asking you to make your bed or wash your own towels, but try to tidy up after yourself.