The holidays are approaching. There are ways to get your child excited. Picture: Max Pixel.

Getting your children excited for the holidays can be tougher than convincing them to eat their vegetables. 

If you are planning a holiday this festive season and your child is not keen on going, here are some ways to get your children excited:

Start a countdown

There is no better way to get children excited for travel than a countdown. After the exam stress is over, start a countdown for the upcoming holiday. The countdown will allow them to ease into the holiday news, while still looking forward to the trip. 

Let them know what to expect

Parents should tell their children about the activities on offer at their holiday destination. Children enjoy learning more about the trip and how they will benefit. Entice them with stories of horseback riding, pool parties and treasure hunts. 

However, while it's good to let them know what to expect, try not to overcompensate a destination. The last thing a parent wants on a holiday is an unhappy child. Try showcasing this with a vision board.

Try to plan games and activities before, during and after the trip

Exciting games and activities before, during and after the trip are ways to get children excited. Parents can plan games during the trip, arrange for the hotel to sneak in toys and gifts in the room that the children need to find or create enticing activities that will make their holiday a memorable one.