Saving some money at the end of a trip can be useful. Picture: Heymo-Dreamstime.

A friend and I were chatting about the festive season the other day. During this time, especially when travelling, it's accepted to splurge. 

I mean, many people can afford it as they get their bonuses around the festive season. However, realistically, when the travel joys come and go, not having money mid January can be the pits. Here are four tips  to help you save while on your travels:  

Set a budget

Having a budget helps to be disciplined. To set a budget means to prioritise on what's important, like activities, visiting that 5 star restaurant that everyone raves about or spending a few more days in the country you are visiting.

Book tours before you leave

If the tours are booked, you can set aside cash for food and other travel expenditures. Some say it's better to book while at a location, but from personal experience you can secure some really cool bargains when booking online or through the company directly weeks before you visit.

Find restaurants of value 

Here is another reason why you should organise your itinerary before leaving for a trip, unless you booked a package deal that includes meals and tours. Look at certain restaurants, see what specials they have and which ones are more affordable. Some call this being cheap, I call this being smart.

Buy what you need

Many of us go overboard with spending because we buy items that are unnecessary. Do you really need that gold plated tea set? Or that designer dress you could probably get for cheaper in your own country? Often, people spend so much on getting souvenirs that they end up paying for extra baggage at the airport.