Blogger Anje Rautenbach shares her tips on how to get your travel content noticed on Instagram. Picture: Supplied.

I am one of those Instagram users who tend to keep my captions quite short and sweet. I prefer to let my pictures do the talking. 

As an amateur photographer, I find happiness in capturing unique shots whenever I travel. From plump grapes in a colourful vineyard, a pair of Zebras in an embrace or a view of the Indian Ocean from one of the country’s most Instagramable beaches, some images do not need much explaining. 

Many people are easily enticed to book their travel trip through gripping imagery and stories, says blogger Anje Rautenbach. 

Her page, Going Somewhere Slowly, has captured many traveller’s attention. 

She shares her top tips on how to get your travel photos noticed on Instagram: 

Capture great content

Users are attracted to good pictures and tend to click on those that they find enticing. 

Rautenbach said: “Take quality photographs that can tell a story. Capture images that appeal to you. Many users tend to put out content that they feel will do well even when they do not like pictures or videos. 

“When you choose authentic images that appeal to you, you would find many like-minded individuals steering towards those images.” 

Tag your location

Good content is just one way to get your travel content noticed. Location tags are equally important and offer the user information about where the picture or video was captured. 

“If a user likes your content, or are inspired to book a holiday, they would be interested in the location. 

“Most people do not add locations, and that leaves users guessing about the destination in the comments section,” said Rautenbach. 

Add hashtags 

Hashtags are another way to get your content noticed. With Instagram constantly changing its algorithm, hashtags offer a wider viewership. 

Rautenbach warns that one should not be heavy-handed with the use of their hashtags.

“As much as you want to get noticed on the platform use hashtags that pertain to your content. 

“Hashtags allows you to get noticed and links you to other travel users,” she said. 

Add captions 

Captions are important if you want to share more about the picture. Many accounts share insightful and lengthy stories, while some keep their captions short and sweet. Rautenbach said captions should pertain to your content as it makes it more personal. 

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