Hard-shell travel suitcases have many benefits, including security and durability. Picture: Thule.

Choosing the right suitcase can be difficult. There’s the size, the colour and the type are some of the criteria that a travel suitcase should meet. Thule recently launched its first collection of hard shell luggage called Thule Revolve.

They share 5 benefits of using hard-shell travel suitcases:

Security: Hard-shell suitcases reduce the chances of theft (case slitting) or anyone adding something to external pockets of your luggage.

Lightweight yet strong: Polycarbonate luggage is lighter than plastic or aluminium cases, and can be even lighter than some soft luggage. It offers the added benefit of a rigid frame and four wheels, which means navigating a busy airport is much easier, plus better for your back.

Protection: The resilience of hard-shell suitcases offers better impact resistance during the rigours of travelling. For example, if your case is dropped or thrown onto hard surfaces − particularly for fragile or valuable items.

Durability: Hard-shell suitcases are much easier to keep dry in extreme weather conditions like rain or snow. It also provides better protection against general spills and accidents.

Versatility: Most hard-shell suitcases feature a 50/50 split opening, where you pack two sides equally and stabilise the contents with a middle divider or strap; this allows for minimal rifling through your bag, as you can pack similar items together.