Cruises offer great options for all ages. Picture: Supplied.
Cruises offer great options for all ages. Picture: Supplied.

5 cruise myths everyone should stop believing

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jan 20, 2020

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Cruises are all the rage now but there are many skeptics. Cruise lovers will tell you that the ship has become the destination, with a wide variety of activities and experiences to suit every age and interest. 

But if you’re still grappling with perceptions that are keeping you on dry land, perhaps a debunking of some cruise myths will help you make a more informed choice.

You have to be ‘old’ to cruise 

According to the Cruise Lines International Association, the average cruiser is 47 years old, although this age is likely to reduce even further in the coming years. The reality is that cruises make wonderful holidays for younger travellers. Trish Smith, a marketing manager from Johannesburg, has been on three different cruises and raves about the multitude of activities on offer for a younger audience. 

“I was both surprised and relieved to discover that there was plenty for people in their twenties to do on every one of these cruises. In one instance, there was a trendy club on board that served the most delicious cocktails, as well as putt-putt, basketball courts, game shows and competitions. There’s also always plenty for kids to enjoy, from arcades, child-friendly discos and movies,” she said. 

Sara Park, Marketing Campaign Manager for Cruiseabout said there was a big market for ‘youth cruises.’

“These cruises are aimed at the 18 to 39 demographic and offer a spectacular cruise experience with a lively party atmosphere.

“Cruisers can enjoy lazy days on the deck working on their tan, taking a dip in the pool, visiting ancient cities and tucking into the freshest seafood.” 

Cruises are boring

Cruises offer something for everyone. The entertainment doesn’t only begin when the sun sets as there’s plenty to busy yourself with during the day. Stephanie Vlachos from Johannesburg said she enjoyed her cruise from Durban to the Mozambique Portuguese Islands. 

“There was never bored on that ship. There were dance-along competitions, amazing shows every night and engaging contests during the day. Other attractions include swimming and rock climbing. I also took full advantage of the spa and the gym.”  

Cruises are expensive

Yvonne Fitzpatrick, an account administrator from Cape Town, said cruises offer value for money.

“I find that cruises offer exceptional value for money, especially if you’re selective about the different excursions that you opt for. My husband, John, also usually takes advantage of the cost-effective drinks packages on offer – this is a great way to save money if you’re someone who can drink at least 5 units of alcohol per day,” she said.

The notion that cruises are expensive is one of the reasons why someone may decide not to look into this particular type of holiday. However, if you take the time to crunch the numbers, it becomes evident that cruises may prove to be cheaper than most getaways. 

You’ll spend your days seasick

Seasickness is unlikely to be a concern on newer cruise ships. Most cruise ships are large enough to keep seasickness at bay and have stabilisers to help reduce the amount of rocking that takes place. Of course, you are encouraged to bring along your seasickness medication.

You’ll feel confined on a cruise

If you think you’ll go crazy on board, you probably won’t even think about it. The vast majority of cruises include daily stops at ports along the way, giving you ample time to explore a new destination, sample the local cuisine, and snap a few selfies in front of the area’s most notable sights. 

Local traveller, Trish Smith, said of her Greek Mediterranean cruise: “We hit all of the leading party spots including Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos, and we also stopped for a few hours in Turkey. We had time to experience an ice bar and even rode a donkey!” 

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