Before you head out to a safari, make sure you have the essential on hand. Picture: Supplied.

It is no secret that I absolutely love safaris. There is nothing greater than watching the wild in all its glory. Here are 5 essentials you should take with you on your next safari trip:

Dress warm 

One thing to never do is underestimate the weather. It can get chilly during early morning or late afternoon safaris, therefore carrying an extra jacket is advisable. Some game drives operators provide blankets, which you can use to tuck your hands under during freezing drives. Carrying warm clothes can help make the experience more pleasurable as it is never fun to feel cold while you trying to watch out for one of the big 5 animals.


Always apply some sunscreen on before going on a game drive. No one wants to end up looking like a ‘red tomato’ during their bush getaway.


With the adrenaline and adventure that a game drive offers, it is always good to carry some snacks with you. Some game drives include refreshments and snacks during the trip, however carrying a few items in your bag is never a bad idea.


A hat comes in handy in all weather conditions. Not only does it protect you from the sun, rain and wind, it also makes for a cool fashion accessory.


Cellphone cameras are good for close up shots, but it does not do much while on a safari. When you are in the wild, especially at night, a good camera is essential. If you big on game drives, I recommend investing in a good camera, one that has zoom.