Packing is always a tricky subject, and everyone has different ways of packing. Picture: Pixabay.

The other day my colleagues and I turned our usual banter to the topic of packing. Packing is always a tricky subject, and everyone has different ways of packing. 

Some, like my female colleague, prefer to throw their items into a suitcase just hours before the trip, while others meticulously plan each outfit, organising each item with precision and poise. 

My male colleague captures a few images, so he knows how to mix and match his looks. I am a bit of both. I leave my packing to the very last minute but plan every last detail when I eventually get down to it.

If you are one of those travellers who struggle with packing, here are some tips:  

Plan your outfits: Instead of throwing everything into one bag, plan what you are going to wear during the trip. Thanks to technology, one can plan outfits according to their itinerary and the destination’s weather. A tip: carry clothes that require no ironing or iron them before you pack. 

Take photographs: This may seem pretty absurd, but it works. Matching each outfit and capturing shots of it saves time and space. It also eliminates that question: “What do I wear today?’

Use packing cubes: Many travellers have issues when it comes to space. They can never take enough items on a trip. Packing cubes, which you can purchase from most online stores in South Africa, ensure that your items are compact and easy to unpack. It also minimises wrinkles. 

Pack your shoes and toiletries away from your clothing: I always tend to pack my shoes and toiletries in separate compartments from my pants and T-shirts. It keeps everything neat and takes up less space. 

Leave unnecessary stuff at home: During my early travels, I would pack unnecessary items, which meant that I had to pay extra baggage fees at the airport. Items like bath towels (most hotels supply these), excessive clothing and shoes and large bottles of toiletries. I  thought it may come in handy, but it just caused me stress. Rather make a list of items you require for the trip and leave unnecessary items at home. 

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