Travellers make silly packing mistakes when they panic.

A last minute flight and not being able to decide what to pack for a holiday are just some scenarios that can cause panic for travellers. This sudden panic could result in travellers making silly packing mistakes. Here are some packing mistakes you should avoid:

Last minute ramble

It's quite easy to go overboard when it comes to packing what you need versus what you want. If you leave packing for the last minute, chances are you will actually take unnecessary items on the trip. Try to pack a few days earlier and take into consideration the time frame of your trip.

You don't check the weather

Finding outfits to suit a certain climate is the easy part, but the common mistakes that travellers make is they forget to pack according to the weather of their destination. Often, they fork out extra cash on a new wardrobe or have to ‘suffer’  with the clothes they brought with them.  Always check the weather of your destination before you start to pack as it will save you in the long haul.

Toiletry dilemma

Imagine the horror of finding your clothes smothered in shampoo and lotion when you start to unpack at your hotel room. Many travellers forget to bag their toiletries and the spillages cost them both time and money. Try to invest in a vanity bag that will help store all your toiletries and medication.

Holiday shopping

No holiday is complete without a little retail therapy and a few souvenirs. Sadly, travellers do not factor in their holiday shopping and that is a problem when the suitcase barely closes. Some of them end up leaving their old clothes behind to make space for their new items. If you going to shop, make sure there is ample space in your luggage to accommodate it.

 You don't believe in packing list

There is an art to packing and a list is an essential way to implement it. Packing lists can actually save you lots of time and assist travellers to make good packing decisions. Also, packing lists help travellers to contemplate less and pack better.