Seychelles is the ideal island destination for travellers. Pictures: Clinton Moodley.

It is hard to visit Seychelles and not take pictures. The crystal blue waters, cuisine and activities are enough to fill your social media feed for weeks. Here are 5 pictures that will inspire you to consider a trip to Seychelles: 

Morning swim while watching the locals catch fish

If you book at a hotel near the beach, make sure you go out for a morning swim. There are locals out at sea who you can watch swim while you swim. 

Try out a Seychelles curry

Try it, you will thank us later. 

There are many landmarks to visit

From the Liberation Monument, The Victoria Clock tower and Sainte Anne Marine National Park, there is plenty to see and do in Seychelles.  

Sunsets are very special

It is hard not to catch a sunset in Seychelles, but wherever you are, it is going to be pretty special. 

Snorkel during a boat cruise 

Seychelles has some of the most stunning sea and coral life- and snorkelling is one way to see it. Some tours offer snorkelling en route to an island. 

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