There's no better time to book your summer holiday than now. Picture: Pexels
There's no better time to book your summer holiday than now. Picture: Pexels

5 reasons why you should book your summer holiday now

By Staff reporter Time of article published Sep 19, 2019

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December is coming. If you are hoping for a break, there is no better time to book a break than now. Studies reveal the numerous health benefits of taking a holiday, such as reduced stress levels and improved cardiovascular health. 

Danny Bryer, area director for sales and marketing for Protea Hotels by Marriott International, Middle East and Africa shares 5 reasons why you should book a holiday this summer: 

You need an energy boost 
After a long working year, you deserve a break and recharge. As it is still a few months before the holiday, booking a holiday means that you have something to look forward to. The break will help relax you and boost your productivity when it is time to head back to work. 

You save money 

Making use of those specials ensures you get a great deal on accommodation and travel, leaving more spending money in the holiday budget for you and the family. Flights are cheaper if you buy them in advance, and hotels often offer special deals starting in September. 
Booking motivates you to save

Instead of spending all your time deliberating whether you have enough saved up to book your dream holiday, make the booking. You can work towards saving the rest of the money paying off your tickets and accommodation. You will be more willing to save as you won’t want to miss your holiday. 

The early bird gets the… best rooms
It's true if you book early, you are more likely to get the best rooms. Many hotels start offering specials after winter to fill their rooms over the festive season. It entices travellers to book their holidays, and there are more options to choose from. 
Planning becomes easier 
Once you’ve booked your holiday early, you’ll have more time to research local attractions and plan your itinerary. For most, planning your trip can be half the fun, and the sooner you make your booking, the more time you’ll have to throw yourself into the other details.

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